RX-50:重量輕 馬力大 無震動 轉子引擎

 50 hp /6,000 rpm/25 kg

engine rotary 20kg


copter 01

If you want a small light weight engine with very smooth running like a turbine, producing high power, the RX50 rotary engine is for you.  See the smooth running power curve below of a Rotary Engine as compared to sharp power cycles of a Piston Engine below: 

「轉子」引擎的 Power Curve “Smooth”,「Piston」引擎的 Power Curve 比較 “Sharp” (上圖)

engine rotary 1933    engine rotary 1918

安裝容易的「轉子引擎」:Easy Mounting of a Rotary Engine

轉子引擎 基本零組件

Basic Rotary Engine Parts & Components



XH-40匹 馬力 轉子引擎 規格表


xp xf xh D

Type/ Power: 4-stroke single rotor rotary engine: 294cc / 40hp at 6500rpm

Fuel: gasoline (MoGas/AvGas) 2% oil premix

Fuel Consumption: Approx. 8 l/hr.

Dry weight:  19.5kg (excl. 不含 exhaust, cooling and reduction)

Rotor Cooling: Charge Cooled.   Housing Cooling: Liquid Cooled.

Ignition: Digital Self-Sustained System

Alternator: 75W/6A/5000rpm (Option: 180W/15A)

PTO: Direct, Anti-Clockwise or Clockwise, with Centrifugal Clutch coupled with V-Belt Pulley (Ø59mm, PJ 16 stripes)


300cc 40馬力 轉子引擎  配置圖

300cc R1 300cc r3300cc R4  300cc R6





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